A Cornerstone for Formed AI – Will Thibodeau, Co-Founder and CTO

Pioneering one of the very first web-based, fast document management solutions on the market as a junior at University of New Hampshire, Will Thibodeau has always been at the forefront of automation. Founder of Treeno Software, which was originally developed after he learned that the university’s human resources department wanted to develop electronic versions of its paper files quickly grew to provide document management solutions for hundreds of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Incubating Treeno Software from a start-up operation to a firm with a full client roster of over 400, including notable Fortune 500 accounts, he experienced early success in such industries as the Insurance sector, financial services, schools and higher education. Thibodeau stepped away operationally after 15 years, yet remained on with Treeno as partner. After several successful years as a consultant in the industry, in early 2019 Thibodeau joined forces with Kyle Lasseter of Virtual Data Partners to create Formed AI.

Leveraging decades of combined experience in product integrations solutions, they set out to provide clients a full suite of solutions for data delivery. The Nexus of Formed AI is in document capture and enrichment. Thibodeau believes in not just capturing the data, but putting it to use. With a focus on product integrations solutions, Formed AI has the capability to implement systems in virtually any industry, in any software. Boasting no internal change in the clients CRM, minimizing double date entry, and providing a streamlined workflow for information, the Formed AI proprietary process is unparalleled.

With a priority on how to make documents more useful, what sets Formed AI apart is their ability to connect 3 or 4 different systems. Considered a solutions provider, Formed AI takes pride in their ability to connect seemingly complex workflow systems into one streamlines data migrations process. With an enhanced suite of automation, reporting and analytics, the Formed AI process far out-performs its competition. Automating as many business processes as possible to improve efficiency, including “Design Your Own” form portal, Thibodeau believes that through this system Formed AI can make documents MORE useful. What is the direct impact? Increased revenue and cut costs, a solution that any company would agree is worthwhile.

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