Ditch the Clipboard

Drowning in medical paperwork? The common Patient Intake Process is tedious and cumbersome, with practices often investing many hours per patient in simple benefits verification and data input. If your practice sees many first time patients (think urgent care or clinic) this can severely affect your bottom line!

What if there was a way to streamline this process? With MediForm, all intake forms can be accessed by the patients in advance of the office visit through the practice’s website or at the time of the appointment on the patients mobile device. These forms are fully customizable to the practice and can include dynamic questions that expand based upon previous answer.

Patients can pre-register before their visit or when they arrive for their appointment. They can also update their clinical and demographic information, take a photo to store in their patient record, capture images of their driver’s license and insurance card, sign forms and policies, and pay copays and outstanding balances—all from the privacy and ease of their own device.

What happens with this information? It is securely uploaded to our MediForm Cloud platform, where practice staff can view the submitted form with images sent by patient. While filling out the patient form we collect the member information as data inputs., which allows us to simultaneously communicate with the patients insurance carrier, verifying coverage and benefits almost instantly. With access to over 93% of the populations insurance carriers, we can validate with over 700 health insurance payer connections. With the old method, it can take office staff anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours just for this one step.

This information integrates seamlessly into your existing practice software, allowing the effortless transfer of patient details. With this gained time, many offices can see 2-3 more patients a day, while enhancing the quality and quantity of care provided. Patients love the flexibility, convenience (and lack of germ-filled clipboard!). Even if your office does offer online forms, it can often be a chore to get the patient to download, print, and remember to bring them to their appointment. Give patients the personal private access to intake forms that they desire, and provide a higher quality of care, with a greater efficiency for your business. Electronic Medical Records are the way of the future, and MediForm is paving the way.