Patient Intake Forms – Out with the Old, In with the New

The collection and management of information in the healthcare industry is certainly one of the more difficult aspects of the job. Among the endless filing cabinets of paperwork, intake forms are perfect examples of this necessary evil. Not only can they be cumbersome for office staff, patients find them antiquary as well.

Traditional Method for Intake Forms

If you are familiar with the healthcare sector, you’re probably familiar with this traditional method. After scheduling an appointment, the patient is either sent an email or shown to a particular section of your website, or handed forms at check-in. They submit them to the office staff and the administrative paperwork tornado begins.

Recognize this? Unfortunately, this system is still common even in the largest of healthcare facilities despite the problems that can arise.

  • Medical Offices can invest up to 3 hours per patient inputting information, verifying benefits and connecting the dots between insurance and coverage.
  • Keeping paper copies of records is a burden on the healthcare provider and the environment.

New Method for Intake Forms

Although it may be no surprise, the solution we’re suggesting is online intake forms. Now, once the appointment has been made, the patient is automatically sent a form and they answer the questions online. Simple as that, they don’t have to use their own ink, they don’t have to bring anything to the appointment, and everything can be done on the spot (hooray!).

Why are online intake forms so successful? While patients are in ‘book appointment’ mode, they can quickly answer the questions and be done with it. Rather than filling out a form in a mad rush in the waiting room, they can also just turn up and relax. For your office, the obvious benefit is that patients get seen on time and delays are reduced significantly.

Here are the main benefits of online intake forms;

  • More Patients Per Day – Firstly, improving the efficacy of administration will always be beneficial. While the consultation itself is fixed, making the paperwork process more efficient means patients won’t be holding everybody up in the waiting room and you can see more patients in a standard day.
  • Personalized Questions – In each form, the experience can be personalized. If the patient selects ’no’ to a question, future questions can be removed automatically and they don’t have to read questions that don’t apply.
  • Security – With everything digitized, the whole business is safer and it’s also easily accessible (rather than rifling through hundreds and thousands of pieces of paper!).
  • Insurance – Finally, the insurance information of each patient can be pre-validated which means there are no nasty surprises. If a problem arises, the appointment can be canceled or a resolution found.


Just like many other industries, it’s time the healthcare sector caught up with the times and we can help you get started at Formed AI thanks to our brilliant MediForm system. For more information, feel free to browse our website or get in touch with any questions/concerns; we’d love to hear from you!