The Formed AI Team is pleased to add senior sales consultant Ray Farias

Ray Farias has always had a passion for technology. That is how he found himself, a young technician, working at Chicago Office Technology in1997. He climbed the ranks from technician to systems analyst to manager and then finally a Sr. software solutions consultant. As a consultant over the last 10+ years, he worked to establish a successful Software Solutions division for COTG. In establishing a sales division he was tasked with accepting a broad set of responsibilities. Working with customers in pre- and post- sales, project management, and even drawing on his skills as a technician to manage installations, he gained great traction in that position. Notably, he was credited with crafting a suite of solutions that was sold to other COTG salespeople and their customer’s technicians. He further enhanced that by providing training on said suite, as well.

Throughout the entire experience Farias found most valuable his ability to analyze a customer’s needs and design customized solutions for them. With his unique ability to create solutions for his former company, he was able to support and offer faxing solutions, workflow solutions, output management solutions, Hosted Supply chain software, SaaS offerings, data capture and RX solutions for most of the largest Healthcare clients in Chicago and throughout the US. He has also been instrumental in the Legal, Manufacturing, Education, and small business market. Finding himself drawn to the customer service aspect of technology and how he could provide a solution that not only makes a difference for thousands of end users, but also stands the test of time and allow for better workflow processes and cost savings for his clients.

With his consultative approach he excels at being able to define and customize solutions that incorporate his ability to see a clients needs from a 360* vantage point. The Formed AI team is pleased to welcome Farias to the table. We had the pleasure of asking him a few questions:

FAI: “What are you most excited about in regard to joining the Formed AI team?”

Farias: “I’m particularly excited about our Mediform & AP solutions, Team dynamics and some new solutions on our horizon in 2019.”

FAI: “You’ve been in this industry for a long time. What do you anticipate the future holding for automation?”

Farias: “I feel Automation is currently at our fingertips and continues to develop across all vertical markets with my eye focused closely on HealthCare.”

We look forward to having you on the Formed AI Team, Ray!