The Future for Formed AI – Interview with Will Thibodeau (cont’d)

With a focus on broad markets and big problems, we have the advantage of a helicopter view of the inefficiencies that plague most business industries. Take for example the common Accounts Payable or Human Resources division of most mid-size companies. What are the common inefficiencies facing AP & HR departments today? From a technical standpoint, multiple systems that don’t communicate with each other or systems that don’t allow for simple human interaction. We always ask, “How can we enhance their current system or processes to make them more cost-effective and increase labor efficiency?”

Enter the core of our company: Nexus.

This easily configurable workflow platform has drag & drop components that enable the client to build their custom digital workflow from start to finish. With over 40 well known software applications already configured, it is a quick and easy implementation.

Boasting a broad goal of standardizing data collection across all platforms, we empower your information with intelligence through our system. It is our goal to become the repository for your data.

So if you are looking for:

  • A simple and easy to use form builder
  • A powerfully intelligent core of pre-loaded applications
  • A system that integrates across multiple platforms.
  • A secure, cloud-based solution
  • Robust reporting & analytics
  • The best client support in the industry

Look no further. The Formed AI team as you covered.